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asset based loan and line of credit based in los angeles, ca

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BUSINESS financing

Asset Based Loan & Line of Credit

Loan Amount

$500,000 - $50,000,000

Loan Information

CSA Capital provides asset based loans and lines of credit for businesses with a minimum of $500,000 annual revenue and one year in operations. We specialize in all types of asset based financing including accounts receivable, commercial real estate, inventory, healthcare receivables, purchase orders, contracts, equipment and other assets. Our maximum loan to value ratio is up to 100%. asset based loan & line of credit. asset based loan & line of credit. asset based loan & line of credit

Office Building

Loan Details

  • 65% - 100% LTV

  • 12 - 60 month term

Loan Requirements

  • $500,000 Minimum Annual Revenue

  • 1 Year In Business

Loan Collateral

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Real Estate

  • Inventory

  • Healthcare Receivables

  • Purchase Orders

  • Equipment

  • Contracts

  • Other Assets

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